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Company manufactures any article from general sheetmetal fabrication, to light engineering including: -
Stainless Steel Work e.g. Fuel tanks, water tanks, welding & fabrication
Aluminium Sheet Work e.g. vehicle bumpers, tanks, pressing, welding & fabrication
Galvanized Sheet Work e.g. ducting, flashing, pressing
Mild Steel Work e.g. general fabrication, welding

The Company manufactures:
'Target' brand of gas and solid fuel flue systems including gas hot water heater kits.
Heating and ventilation systems and ducting
Commercial Oil and Gas fired heating systems
Air conditioning ducting systems
Airline baggage trolleys
Airline waste water / green water trolleys
Road Rubbish containers
Bulk Stock-food road bins
Fume and dust venting systems

Company has the facility to:
Roll pipe and flat bar
Roll and bend rectangular hollow bar up to 100mm X 100mm X 9mm
Guillotine capacity up to 6mm mild steel
Brake Press capacity of 129 tonne

Our 100 ton x 10' Amada Press Brake is the ideal compliment to the Amada Turret Press.
Highly accurate punched flat pieces turn into highly accurate formed parts. Flange dimension accuracy can be held to less than .010",angularity to 1 degree.
120" of 11 ga. steel can be bent to 90 degrees as well as 2" of 20 ga.
Programs are stored on the computer making repeat runs less time consuming to set up.
Complimenting the Amada, is a 55 ton x 8' DiAcro hydro-mechanical brake. This machine is normally used for long runs of small pieces and special applications

Shearing accuracy is normally in the .007-.020 range.
The lighter the guage the more accurate the cut.

Standard stocked sheet size is 2400 x 1200. Parts are cut to customer specs,with the customer only paying for the size required. Typically, shearing is the lowest cost operation in a fab shop.


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